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AAPlus Electrical are fully qualified in Nest thermostat installation and have extensive knowledge on all Nest products and installation, we are Nest Approved Pro installers. The Nest Self Learning Thermostat is our preferred heating thermostat and programmer, and matches our product criteria of a quality thermostat with a proven track record.

AAPlus Electrical provide a Nest thermostat installation service including system set-up, taking all the hassle away from our customers and giving peace of mind that the Nest Self Learning Thermostat has been installed and set up correctly, working to save you energy!

Nest Thermostat is a self learning thermostat, which can be controlled anywhere, giving you full control. Heating makes up to 60% of your energy bill and that’s where the Nest Self Learning Thermostat helps to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst saving you money. The Nest Self Learning Thermostat programmes itself from collecting data from its usage, the heating requirements and patterns of the user and can turn the heat down automatically when you’re away, and heating is required.

Being able to control the Nest Thermostat from any mobile, tablet and computer means you will never have to return to a cold home again.

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Why Choose a Nest Thermostat?

  • A single control – It’s a thermostat and programmer in one, so you can manage the heat from one place.
  • Remote control – Change the temperature from your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • Auto-Schedule™ – Just turn it up and down. The Nest Thermostat learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.
  • Auto-Away™  – Don’t waste energy heating an empty home. The Nest Thermostat automatically turns down the heat when you’re away.   
  • Energy History – The more you know, the more you can save. So the Nest Thermostat shows you how much heat you use.
  • Nest Leaf  – You’ll see the Leaf when you pick an energy-efficient temperature or setting. It guides you in the right direction.
  • True Radiant  – No more guessing. True Radiant learns how your home warms up so you’ll only use as much heat as you actually need.
  • Sunblock – The Nest Thermostat senses when it’s heating up in direct sunlight and automatically adapts to read and set the right temperature.

AAPlus Electrical are Approved Nest Pro Installers and for more information on our Nest Thermostat installation services in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire, please get in touch on 0800 051 9324.

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